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Features! #5 -CLOSED-

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 9:27 AM
- First 10 people to comment (you don't have to be a watcher)
- First come, first serve. :I
- ALSO: If you have art that goes against dA's rules, such as mutilation, fanart with the print option on, mature art that isn't under mature content, stolen artwork, etc. you will NOT be featured, and I WILL report you.
- The people who got features last time won't be featured- but they can the next time I do a feature. The people who were featured last time were :devPurplesnowcones KuranYuuki100, Zhu-Yintai, ninjabunny121, ciao-7, SHiNiNGSTARS3, LilNekoKatz, cashugs, OctoGear, and ayakurri, and their feature is here: Features! #4 -CLOSED-FEATURE TIME!!!!!! 
- First 10 people to comment (you don't have to be a watcher)
- First come, first serve. :I
- The people who got features last time won't be featured- but they can the next time I do a feature. The people who were featured last time were KolliceKat, PizzaNinja7, NoOneWouldListen, Katleidoscopic, SonicJuice, MarysDrawing, SepticSkeptik, Sakura8sushi, RainbowSparkleBitch, and TenmaGouZanku, and their feature is here: .
Past feature(s):
1. PurpleSnowcones with

2. KuranYuuki100 with
(This is the only one I could feature. ^^U)
3. Zhu-Yintai with

4. ninjabunny121 with
Teto Kasane computer edit by ninjabunny121 what i wish i was doing by ninjabunny121 Death the Kid genderbended by ninjabunny121
5. ciao-7 with
Hunter - Chibi Giveaway by ciao-7 Fashion Show 4/5 - Winter - Contest Entry by ciao-7 Amy Sorel - Chibi Giveaway by ciao-7
6. SHiNiNGSTARS3 with
Past feature(s): Features! #1 -CLOSED-FEATURE TIME!!!!!!
- First 10 people to comment (you don't have to be a watcher)
- First come, first serve. :I
1. :iconS-Laughtur: with

2.:iconoSAKApower: with

3.:iconsailorfirephoenix1: with

4.:iconhsybbed: with
Rays by hsybbedThe Artist's Life by hsybbed
5.:iconMiss-Kitty-Bunbun: with
:thumb363695791:Happy Birthday, Ashton by The-Final-Days:thumb364146283:
6.:iconmusicalsweetie: with
Free Ariel Icon by MusicalSweetieOptca Reference Sheet by MusicalSweetieYour Interpretation by MusicalSweetie
7.:iconimposibilities: with
Pixel Tails flying gif by imposibilitiesMale bubasaur gijinka by imposibilitiesPikachu ears - How I made them. by imposibilities
8.:iconPaichi: with
TWEWY: a lullaby for you. by PaichiTWEWY: phone booth of love. by Paichioc -- maki ref by Paichi
9.:iconzombie1242: with
Are We Kawaii Yet? *CE* by zombie1242Zombie and Carles *Contest Entry* by zombie1242Cutie Mark *Contest Entry* by zombie1242
10.:iconkome96: with
Features! #2 -CLOSED-FEATURE TIME!!!!!! 
- First 10 people to comment (you don't have to be a watcher)
- First come, first serve. :I
- The people who got features last time won't be featured- but they can the next time I do a feature. The people who were featured last time were :iconS-Laughtur:, :iconhallyuvian:, :iconsailorfirephoenix1:, :iconhsybbed:, :iconMiss-Kitty-Bunbun:, :iconMusicalSweetie:, :iconimposibilities:, :iconPaichi:, :iconzombie1242:, and :iconAi-Lii:. Their feature is here:

1.:iconEmy-chu: with
2.:iconsonicandtouko4ever: with
3.:iconLoraTheLostAnimorph: with
4.:iconninjabunny121: with
Saki Amase copy by ninjabunny121 me at school by ninjabunny121 
  Features! #3 -CLOSED-FEATURE TIME!!!!!! 
- First 10 people to comment (you don't have to be a watcher)
- First come, first serve. :I
- The people who got features last time won't be featured- but they can the next time I do a feature. The people who were featured last time were :iconEmy-Chu:, :iconsonicandtouko4ever:, 3.:iconLoraTheLostAnimorph:, :iconninjabunny121:, .:iconanime-freak727:, :iconxXTwilight-WarriorXx:, :iconHikaru-Is-Hitachiin:, :icondegasclover:, :iconsimplececile:, and :iconsaya-hinto:, and their feature is here: .
Past feature(s):
1. :iconKolliceKat: with

2. :iconPizzaNinja7: with

3. :iconNoOneWouldListen: with
Shell Jewel Box by NoOneWouldListen
4. :iconxArtisticKatx: with
:thumb388433220: Aqua Shine by Katleidoscopic Frostfur- Warriors Drawing Challenge by Katleidoscopic
5.:iconSonicJuice: with
Kaji the Infernape by SonicJuice Pokeball - Croagunk by SonicJuice Srmkcs Comm - Queen Chrysalis chibi by SonicJuice
6. :iconMaryLovesPainting: with

1. ImmaBunchOfThings with
To A Special SomeoneYour voice fills my ear
Of which I hold dear
I smile when you message me
Even though you can't see it
When you need someone to cheer you up
I'm there for you to even say a simple "'Sup?"
All it takes is a simple message about your day
To give you a happy ray
One day we'll meet
And it'll be quite the greet!
A Writer's Block Poem :PMouth covered by my fist
Words arranged in a long list
Keyboard stays silent
And I fool around
iPod right by my side
Right when my creativity died
Banging my face against the desk
Chatting with friends
I hate Writer's Block
And this story of mine is a shock
Day's getting dark and I've gotten nowhere
My brain is being stupid on me
So I'm sorry it's taking so long
But my thoughts are fighting with King Kong
A Poem Of RandomClick, click, click goes the keyboard keys
Tap, tap, tap my fingers go in frustration
I was a fool to think this would be a breeze
Words appearing on the computer screen
Disappearing as soon as they arrive
Ideas refusing to come forward
Writer’s Block has full grip on my Google Drive
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, here I come
Eyes red and baggy from late nights of typing
I’m so behind on my NaNoWriMo word count goal
Extra Halloween candy sitting next to me in a bowl
Giving me energy to get through this insanity workout
Anyone who isn’t a writer would panic and shout
But we are all at least a teeny bit insane
Because we have a differently creative brain
The hours drag on long and slow
50K words is hard, but not impossible
Until I read my story over and see that it’s pitifully banal

2. SfonieNyan with
MilkyMoo~ by SfonieNyan Fawn of Spring by SfonieNyan Girl Sketch With Soft shade hair by SfonieNyan
3. RoamingShadow with
The Boy at the Train TracksThe train station is full of wandering spirits. I know that dozens of ghosts mingle with the crowd for some reason. I don’t see them all, but I can feel them around. I know that those urban legends about people who've committed suicide on the tracks aren't just horror stories, and those cutsie little tales about someone waiting for a lover even after death are anything but a sappy romance plot. Sometimes, I can make out translucent figures weaving through the droning masses. Other times, I can hear a light humming or a mournful cry. I know that it’s a spirit making those sounds; I can tell them apart from the regular crowd noise. I don’t know why I can. I just do.
Out of all the ghost stories about this ancient station, I have one favorite. It’s about the little boy who plays at the train tracks.
Decades ago when I was still young and active, a boy had been playing tag with his older brother when he jumped from the platform. Their mother was out of sight, and hi
Lucy in the Sky with DiamondsAwakening, I saw a young woman with eyes like the sky
She takes my hand, hers cold but gentle
Her blended kaleidoscope orbs glow beautifully
“Come, and I shall guide you to where you should be”
Reaching the river, I freeze in my place
Cries of pain and anguish ring in waves
My hand balls across my chest as a sharp pain erupts
The girl stands before me and lays a soft hand on mine
“You cannot go back,” she says with a sad smile
We sit on a cockleshell with a patched white sail
passing tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Yellow and green flowers tower overhead
with an odd plastic sheen giving off colored light
Similar to that of her now sunray eyes
Disembarking, she leads me across an ancient stone bridge
to a fountain of glistening liquid gold
There, people old and young
ride on rainbow rocking horses
and have a quaint but festive tea party
Familiar names and faces approach me
plates of marshmallow pie passing around like greetings
but before I can accept, a wize
To You, Small VoiceYou watch the world
and see the darkness looming
You speak you mind
yet are unheard
You voice your worries
your pain, your vision
You are dismissed as nothing more
than a small voice in a crowd
Too young, they say
inexperienced, ignorant, and unaware
Your sight is hazy
You know too little
However, because of this you believe
that the world is clearer in your eyes
Eyes that may not have seen much
but see enough
You watch the world
and see evil around
You are unheard
yet chose to speak your mind
You find light in darkness
and spot darkness in the light
Shadows looming behind smiles
and sparks behind diatribes
You call out what needs attention
You praise what should have glory
Your voice rings about
but is still too soft
To you, small voice
I send a prayer
May you never turn a blind eye to the darkness
May you never be fooled by masks
May you never let others silence your pleas
May you never take the same steps and simply flow along
And may your voice one day ring to the skies
not drown i

4. LisiTisaKi with
Verona by LisiTisaKi Garda lake by LisiTisaKi Drops by LisiTisaKi
5. Hetalia-AnimeFTW with
About You NowI don't understand. Should I be feeling this way?
I mean, I've never been with someone before.
But yet this awful feeling stays.
"I've never been with someone before."
Not in the way you might think.
It is not sensual at all, just some lack of company.
No one has called me pretty.
No one has or will ever say that word.
At least, that is what was true.
Then you came along and made my stomach clench.
You made me uncomfortable with your compliments.
I still do not understand what this feeling means.
Is it true discomfort?
Or perhaps something else?
Ah, but I know I shall never know.
Because I will never let another get that close to me again.
Will You Believe In Me?I have always been feared. I never understand why, and yet, I do. Yes, my past is painted, dripping the color red. It is full of sorrows and suffering, of death and decay. Yes, my leaders turned from being the Great to the Terrible. Yes, my country is a frozen wasteland, where, in some places, the sun never sets. In others, the sun never rises.
Yes, all of that is true. That my person is tainted and twisted and the ones I kept close have the scars to prove it. My old family is terrified of my very presence, my sisters either frightened or obsessed with my power; my strength. My first love cries when I come near, my second trembles and shakes, my third curses the ground I walk upon, the fourth sweats with fear, and the fifth...
And my fifth love will never forgive me.
I can't believe... that when I breathe...
That there's something good inside of me, just one good thing inside of me.
So close to me... that memory...
Of that one good thing inside of me,
Fly Away, Butterfly: AmericaI am a butterfly
Let me soar
I am a butterfly
Don't pin me to the floor
For I live to fly
For my home is in the sky
Hidden in the clouds of old
Waiting for my story to be told
I am a butterfly
Let me soar
For I cannot take this anymore
I am a butterfly
Let me glide on the wind
I am a butterfly
Don't make this sin
For I am a butterfly
I am indeed wild and free
Do not take that away
It is what makes me, me.

6. turquoisecat8 with
So Pretty by turquoisecat8 Fairy Flight by turquoisecat8 Truffleeee by turquoisecat8
7. xoxoKymmi with
All the PAX codes by xoxoKymmi  WIPWe started off as strangers 1000 miles apart
I never would've thought that you would become as important to me as you are now
At first it was just a mild interest
But as our friendship slowly evolved
I couldn't get myself to leave you alone
I remember all those late night talks
Talking about absolutely nothing until dawn
I remember people always teasing us
We are like an old married couple they say
Secretly it made me happy
But I was too afraid to tell you
I was afraid of what you might mean to me
So the day you confessed was the day I decided to run
The walls I had worked so hard to build
Was torn down by you so easily
What can I say?
That absolutely terrified me
But the one thing I did not expect you to do
Was run after me
You didn't even hesitate
Or look backward
Maybe that’s why I envy you so much
Your passion and your love
Overwhelms all my senses
And I get lost when I’m around you
It took awhile
A lot of tears and laughter
But we finally made it
Together at last
RegretsI wish I could still call you BFF
And call you on the phone
I wish I could be the first one to be there
When you feel alone
I wish I was still your shoulder
When you need to cry
I wish you still needed me
Like I need you
I wish I could tell you when I'm sad
And didn't need to lie
I wish I could tell you
How much I miss you
Even though you're right there
I wish I could remember
The last time you really cared
I wish I was a better friend
When we were really close
I wish I wasn't so selfish
When you needed me the most
But what I really wish
Is that you could still call me your friend
That when you're with me
You won't have to pretend

8. serkunet with
Sea Critters by serkunet Minion of Daegor by serkunet Freebie OC by serkunet
9. wintermcy with
.:Cute adopts:. by wintermcy finding your passion in colors :D by wintermcy -:Art Trade:- Team Thunderdown PMDU by wintermcy
10. rayoung with
With All My Heart by rayoung  Your EraserThere used to be a shoulder to cry on
Open arms, when I needed a hug
A person to console me, when no one else could
Someone who could always understand me
A friend I thought would never leave me.
You held my hand as I started anew
And walked me through every step
We got hurt together and healed together;
Our injuries were always mutual,
Because we saw each other as we saw ourselves.
Through storms and sunny days, we traveled,
Pushed through the years, despite the odds.
It seemed as though we were inseparable; our friendship would never end
Our parents and friends would say
"Joined at the hip and practically twins!"
But illusions, cannot last and all glass eventually shatters; including the mirror that deceived us
No matter how much care was there, we have begun to fade
We are near shadows, of each others' pasts
You, are starting to make me disappear,
Trying to erase me with all your might, whil
Doctor WhoSkimming through space and time,
Saving thousands of worlds,
Always running and fighting Daleks.
Company comes and goes,
 I outlive near all.
But take them to see
And experience
 the impossible.
The only thing that I can always find 
Is my dear fezzes.
I'm the Doctor.


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