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(My old username is Pokemonkitten.)

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Medusa/Antonia | ♀ | 15 | Bisexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes | Single | ✝ | Liberal | America Flag by Blues-Eyes
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ADHD by TheParanoIIdPsycho++ Is my autism showing? by dimruthien

Hello! My real name is Antonia, but everyone at my school calls me Medusa. (Long story.) I am a Sophomore in high school who lives in Washington State. I am a varied artist who specializes in writing, music, drawing, cosplay, and photography, and does many other forms, so watch me if you like those. My stamps should tell plenty more, as I update my profile practically every five seconds. Have a nice day! ~


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My lovely icon: Guy-Man Daft Punk Icon by Sea-Lard made by :iconsea-lard:

The lovely stamps that I have made:
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Pairings I support: Ridiculously Long List of All my Shippings. ^^UAdventure Time:
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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 8:47 PM
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: People talking
  • Reading: Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Alright, peeps, story-time. I missed dA's birthday, but who cares.

I joined deviantART, in August of 2012, under the username Pokemonkitten, when I was 12- yeah, yeah, I know, I was too young, but in all fairness, I joined literally two days before my 13th birthday, because I wanted to invite Zhu-Yintai to my 13th birthday party, and she wasn't answering her phone, no matter how much I called or texted (I can't remember why), so this was the only way I could do it.
I joined here because I'd been seeing this website since I was 11, and Zhu-Yintai had showed me her old account, S-Laughtur, and I'd wanted an account here ever since, because it seemed like a lot of fun, and I always liked to draw little doodles, write stories, write poetry, take photos, etc., but I'd never seriously started being more of an artist until I started here.
Most of my old art is in storage (because I'm ashamed to look at them), but here are some of my first uploads:
Mood Swings by MedusaArt
Rainbow Dash and the Nyan Cat by MedusaArt
A Good Joke by MedusaArt
Finn and Flame Princess by MedusaArt
Whoops. . . by MedusaArt
A True Story About Fire (Now as a deviantation!)"Do I smell
I think as I read Mockingjay.
The last book in the seiries about the
girl on
My dad and little brother come home.
Soon, my little brother and his friend down the street
to the park.
I ask my dad where my
little brother is.
He says, "Oh, he's at the park."
And then he says something which scares
me to
He says,
"There's a fire there.
There's firetrucks there and everything."
I ran to the park,
so scared that I forget
my cell phone.
I come there, and I see my little brother
and his friend
coming back
They tell me that
the fire is already out.
But I don't care.
I start to
go to the place
where the fire
But I'm too scared to go.
As I run
back home,
I remember something
an adult in my life once
is an
And I think
about how
he is.
My neighborhood
is considered
but things
as dangerous
as fires
can still happen

A Pokemon Poem in Lyra's Perspective(Deviantation)Kris. . .
are you?
Why am I suddenly
Are you
Lying in a
too dark for even
a Charizard
to light up?
Are you
Stuck in the
with all
Have you turned
Fighting for
Team Rocket
in a big black suit
and stealing
people's Pokemon?
Are you. . .
Nothing but a skeleton
in some
uncharted island?
Kris, you were Jhoto's hero.
Everyone loved you.
And then you
And then everyone forgot
about you.
Not even your own mother
or Ethan,
your best friend
can remember you.
The only ones who can
are Leaf,
and me.
may have
forgotten you,
but we

When I joined, my fanbases were Warriors, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Artemis Fowl. I had just begun on MLP and Artemis Fowl, but the rest had been there for quite some time.
I used to be a rather annoying person here, a bit of a beggar and popularity-seeker, being really annoying with the artists I liked a lot. (Honestly, that makes me cringe.)
But as I went on, I left fandoms, I kept a few, I joined some, and they grew to change, and I eventually left the Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, and the Warriors fanbase, and I was in the fanbases for Rise of the Guardians, Vocaloid, Minecraft, Frozen, Percy Jackson, Rise of the Frozen Tangled Dragons (that's a multifandom), and Futurama, each at one point, but I eventually left them. I re-joined the Harry Potter fanbase, and I also saw Wreck-it Ralph and joined that fanbase, and my good friend rct3isepic introduced me to Daft Punk and he managed to get me into the fanbase for that in just one day.
This website has helped me out with that, because it's hard to find other people in unpopular fanbases in real life, but here I happily managed to find stuff for Wreck-it Ralph, Artemis Fowl, and Daft Punk. Meanwhile, the Harry Potter, My Little Pony, or Adventure Time fanbase is definitely not a concern on those terms, but it has been even more enjoyable here with that.
I still do fanart nowdays, but as time went on, I started getting more scared about posting, doing it less and less, and became more of an abstracty original artist, rather than a fanartist, although most of that stuff isn't posted here.
I most definitely improved, if you don't believe me, here's my more recent stuff:
Elk by MedusaArt
Deer by MedusaArt
Thomas the Tank Engine is a Mass MurdererGlass grows legs when there isn't any light on them
A rotting gummy bear ghost watches you when you sleep
Bacon fairies will behead you if you complain
Baby tomatoes will rip out your lungs if you enjoy ketchup
You will drop dead from insanity if you see someone picking their nose
Your eyeballs will grow trees on them if you pick a fight with someone
You are named after a bad word
You have seven butts
You wear a fingernail on your cheek if you see roadkill
Your face will go inside out if you step on mud
There will be a piņata flying through the air if you decide to travel by train
A crow will grow fins and lose the ability to breathe if it pecks at corn
Red velvet cake is made out of real red velvet
It is perfectly sane to do the hokey pokey off of an airplane's wings
Everybody has light green skin and three belly buttons
Your mind is operated by orangutans
A cell phone will come to life if you close your eyes
All these things are possible,
All these things are true,
If bubble theory i

My Link Cosplay by MedusaArt
Candlehead Hat by MedusaArt
Apple by MedusaArt
A Futurama Picture I Drew for my Daddy by MedusaArt
Fluttershy's Confession Note by MedusaArt
Watercolor Abstract by MedusaArt
When I started high school, I had little or no contact with a lot of my friends, since none of them decided to go to my school- I got very depressed and lonely, just like I had the summer before, and I would not be in such good contact with a lot of them, if it weren't for this website. (And Facebook, but that website isn't as good on those terms.)
Lately, most of my artistic advances have been in music (I sing, as well as play the piano and the synthesizer) and writing- so I that's partly why I haven't been uploading art as much as I used to, because you can't upload music here, and I don't want to upload my writing here anymore. I would be a very different person if it weren't for this website, and I am very grateful for it.


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